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General Information

Send me an inquiry

Fill out a short form to let me know how I can serve you. Please note that your information is transmitted securely because of my dedicated SSL certificate.

This site secured by RapidSSL


Our site has special needs and demands, integrating disparate elements to provide our users with the best possible Shakespeare experience. The quality of work Mark D. Hamill performed in helping us integrate those elements in our forum was exemplary and we look forward to further cooperation with him.


See more references


I have a phpBB Forum where you can ask me questions if you do not see what you are looking for here.

Services Offered

After a number of requests, I have decided to offer my skills at maintaining phpBB forums for sale. I offer the following services to the phpBB community:

Prices are under each type of service.

Payment Information

In general you only pay after work is complete. For very large jobs I often do work in phases, and work is billed upon completion of a phase.

Before sending me money, please check first to make sure I will agree to do the work. Most customers pay electronically. You can pay with either with PayPal or send me a check.

  • PayPal. Once I have agreed, use PayPal to send me the money in U.S. Dollars click here for the email address to use. If you prefer, I can send you a PayPal invoice. You can use the convenient PayPal button below to get started.
  • Check. If you want to pay by check, click here for my email address, write me and I will provide my snail mail address. I will deposit your check and ensure the funds have been received before I will do the work. At this time I don’t take credit cards.
 Payment Policy
  • Payment is required promptly upon completion of work or for large jobs, upon completion of a phase.
  • Paying by check? For jobs estimated at more than $100, checks must clear prior to starting work.

Please ask me if you need any clarification.

My Qualifications

Why should you choose me?

I have considerable experience and I am reliable and very professional. I believe my costs are very reasonable. You may very well find others who will do the work for less money. However, you get what you pay for. I back up files before I modify them so I can go back to a previous version, if I need to. In addition I use professional tools that allow me to work on your site in a productive manner. My toolkit includes WinMergeWebDrive and Adobe Dreamweaver. In addition I have extensive knowledge of the phpBB code base, the PHP programming language, relational databases in general and MySQL in particular.


There are other people offering similar services to mine. Since I do my work during my spare time and on a non-priority basis (as I have a full time job) you may find a competitor to have better or faster service. This is fine with me as I frequently have more work than I can handle given my limited time. is one of my competitors. While I cannot speak to the quality of their work, I can speak to their unethical behavior. Specifically they have been using my support forum to contact via private message people who visit my support forums in attempts to solicit business. They did this using my paid hosting, without my permission and costing me money. If you are concerned about the ethical behavior of those engaging in this sort of behavior, you might want to refrain from patronizing them.


Potential customers need to understand the following before contracting with me:

  • I do this work in my spare time: nights and weekends. I have a full time job and other obligations. Consequently I make no guarantee that I can install a mod or troubleshoot a problem in a timely fashion. If you need a higher level of support I suggest you look elsewhere.
  • My goal is to triage an issue within 24 hours of notice and to fix it within 48 hours. This is just a goal. Real life may and often does interfere.
  • All my work comes with 30 days of support, which begins after I have finished your work. Please note though that:
    • While I can install modifications written by others, I am not its mod author. I will make reasonable attempts to investigate and solve problems, but I cannot guarantee that installing a particular mod will work in your particular environment.
    • I do fully support mods I have written or customized work created specifically for your site. However the same 30 day limitation applies unless you have purchased maintenance services.

What I need from you

To accomplish work on your site I must have certain privileges. Admittedly it can be difficult to give so much control to someone who is essentially a stranger. That is why I am glad to provide references so you can feel confident that I have not nor would I abuse your trust. Also, please remember that I have no motive to abuse your site. The privileges I need depend on the work you want done.


  • FTP domain, user id and password to your site with full privileges to your phpBB folder. If you want you can create an ID for me to use for just this portion of your site.
  • I need to know the current version of phpBB that you are running. For phpBB 3, you can find this in the Administration Control Panel, on the System Tab.
  • A list of modifications that you have installed, if any, to phpBB and their current versions.
  • The administrator ID and password with founder privileges for your phpBB forum. Many mods have an administrator interface, or I need to have administrator permissions to check if it is working correctly. Installing mods requires founder privileges.

May be needed :

  • URL, ID and password to your phpMyAdmin tool or its equivalent. I need this if your mod or your work will involve changing the database and the mods you choose do not have a UMIL installer. Many mods require new tables or changes to tables in the phpBB database. Often the only way to get to phpMyAdmin is through your web host control panel, in which case I will need this information.

Occasionally needed:

  • URL, ID and Password to your web host provided control panel. Often database access is done through the web host control panel.
  • SSH Access

Based on what work you need done, I will tell you what I need.

phpBB Maintenance Services

I am no longer offering phpBB maintenance contracts or contracts for maintaining upgrades to phpBB modifications. However, I do offer maintenance for phpBB modifications I wrote myself, i.e. my Digest and Smartfeed mods.

phpBB Upgrade Services

I offer services to upgrade phpBB or officially approved phpBB mods on your host.

Upgrading phpBB

Upgrading phpBB 3 on your own is a lot easier than upgrading phpBB 2. The process for upgrading with the automated update package is described here. If your board is only lightly modified and you are using standard styles you might want to try it yourself. Make sure you fully back up your files and database before attempting to upgrade!

The automated update package is trickier than it sounds, as you have to be able to assess file changes and render a judgment on whether to merge, allow or disallow a change. In addition, sometimes merged changes get applied incorrectly, resulting in syntactically incorrect code (usually manifest as a blank, white screen) and HTTP 500 errors. You often have to download a package of file changes then FTP them back to your server.

You may prefer to have upgrades done professionally. The cost depends on how many modifications you have and active templates you are using. The following prices are estimates:

  • One time upgrade: $30 base price for phpBB versions 3.0.8 and above, $35 for versions 3.0.3 through .0.7-PL1, $45 for versions of phpBB before that. Older versions require multiple upgrades and template changes, which takes more time and adds to cost. This assumes you are using the prosilver or subsilver2 style and are using phpBB with no modifications. Typically the phpBB group issues 2-3 upgrades a year, mostly to fix bugs. If you have mods installed, I tack on the upgrade price for those mods to the cost (see below). Note: if you have no mods and use the standard proSilver default style, see if your web host control panel has a QuickInstall or a similar program. You can use it to upgrade phpBB for free. Warning: attempts to use QuickInstall for modded phpBB installs or against non-standard styles can result in making your board unusable or inconsistent.
  • Supporting nonstandard style: proSilver and subSilver2 are standard styles. All others are non-standard. I charge $10 per style in active use, in addition to the upgrade. I will check for a newer version of your style with an upgrade and attempt to install it. If there are significant changes to the standard phpBB styles for a particular upgrade (such as the feed integration that occurred with phpBB 3.0.6) I will attempt to add these features to your style if they were not made to the style. Not all styles are maintained by the style author. In most upgrades, upgrading the style is not crucial, but certain upgrades require it. It is hard to know which ones these are.

Upgrading phpBB mods

Upgrading phpBB or modifications is a delicate process, and the more mods you have the more delicate and risky it becomes. If your site is heavily modded, I may decline to upgrade it because the complexity of integrating disparate mods rises exponentially with the number of modifications you have installed. All files are backed up before work commences, just to be safe.

  • I generally charge 50% of the cost of installing the modification to upgrade it. So if, for example, you have one moderate and one easy mod, I would install these for $40, so the upgrade price would be $20. Of course, if there is no newer version, no upgrade is needed.
  • I only support official phpBB group approved modifications.

Unless you tell me otherwise, I will assume I can do an upgrade at a time that suits me. I cannot always accommodate unusual times for doing upgrades, such as during the middle of the night or on weekends. Some minimal amount of downtime is needed for an upgrade. In many cases it is only a matter of minutes, and only rarely takes an hour or longer.

phpBB Troubleshooting Services

Sometimes you just need a hired gun to go in and fix some sort of nasty problem that has emerged. I will assess the problem for free and give you an estimate of what it would cost for me to fix it. My labor rate is $30 per hour or fraction thereof. If I agree to do the work and it takes more time than the fee we agreed on, I will not charge you extra for it. I cannot necessarily solve all problems, but I can figure out most of them.

phpBB Modification Installation

I generally install only officially approved phpBB modifications (mods). Long experience has found that installing other mods often results in flaky behavior, problems that are hard to troubleshoot and making the work unprofitable. If I agree to install a non-approved mod, it will be with the understanding that I will not guarantee that it will work as designed and you will compensate me for my time regardless of whether it works as you envisioned.

You might want to use AutoMOD to install phpBB Modifications. Note that AutoMOD can be tricky to use. It will patch in code changes at the applicable point in the code if it can, but it does not know if in doing so a syntax error was introduced. When introduced, part of phpBB will stop working. Typically you will see a white screen. In many cases you must downloaded the changed files and then upload them. Often, particularly if the mod is complex or needs to be integrated with other mods already installed and not cause conflicts, you might want it done professionally.

I generally use the author’s guidelines on how easy the modification is to install. $15 for easy mods, $25 for moderate mods and $35 for complex mods. However, sometimes mod author’s aren’t quite as candid as they should be, or are unduly optimistic. So I will do a reality check on it by looking at its installation instructions and price it accordingly.

Please note: while I will install a mod and do my best to get it to work in your environment, I am not the mod author so I cannot guarantee I will be able to get it to function properly in your environment. Caveat emptor.

phpBB Style Services

Sorry, I am not a phpBB style artist. I cannot create custom styles for your site, as others are far more artistically gifted than I am. If you need a style artist, I suggest looking at the phpBB style demo gallery. If you see styles you admire, email the author and see if they are willing to do the work for you.

However, I can add prebuilt approved phpBB styles to your forum, integrate logos into the style and solve issues with styles rendering incorrectly in browsers. I can change fonts, font sizes, colors, background colors and solve general positioning issues due to my comprehensive understanding of HTML and CSS.

To install a prebuilt style with or without a custom logo, I charge $20 per style. For fixing general style layout issues, I charge my standard fee of $30 hour or portion thereof. Most style issues can be solved in an hour or less.

phpBB Customizations

I can also create custom phpBB modifications to meet your specific needs. Pricing of course depends on your requirements. Customizations, unless I have done similar work before, tend to be pricier and generally start around $50. In general work is billed at my $30/hour troubleshooting rate.

I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so I will first look for an existing mod that might work, or might be “good enough”.

Some of the customizations I have done for clients include:

  • Integrating external RSS newsfeeds into their main index
  • Dynamic user post statistics integration
  • Integrating Google Adsense advertising into a site (including turning off advertising for registered users)
  • Installing OpenX software and integrating OpenX into a phpBB site

What I can do is only limited by your imagination, my time and your wallet.

Contact me with your requirements for an estimate.

phpBB 2.x to 3.x Upgrading Services

Now that phpBB 3 has been released, many forum owners want to convert their phpBB 2 board to phpBB 3.

If your board is small, you have the most recent version of phpBB 2 installed (version 2.0.23) and you are using defaults, you may want to try it upgrading yourself. Complete instructions can be found on the phpBB site.

However, if you have modifications to your forum, or you haven’t upgraded it to the latest version of phpBB 2, or you have installed lots of extra smilies and avatars then you may wish to have me perform an upgrade professionally.

Please contact me for pricing. Pricing depends on a number the factors below. The minimum price is $35. Please let me know:

  • What version of phpBB 2 are you running? (You can find out from the Administration Control Panel.)
  • Have you installed any modifications? If so please list their names and version numbers as applicable.
  • Have you installed special smilies or avatars that you need carried over?
  • Approximately how many posts are on your board? The size of the message board has a lot to do with how much an upgrade costs. Very large forums may require the database to be exported to be converted. There is a $10 extra charge for converting boards from 50,000 to 100,000 posts and $20 extra for more than 100,000 posts. This is because errors often occur converting large boards and that times time and troubleshooting. In the event due to the size of your forum the forum cannot be converted on your server and must be done offline, the cost is doubled. It takes considerable work to move the database to a local machine, convert it there, then import it back to your server.
  • Have you customized the look and feel of your board by adding special images or changing the header and footer? Do you expect your current look to be carried over when upgraded?

phpBB Digest Installation and Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I learn more about the Digest Mod?

I have a digests page with detailed information about the mod as well as instructions for downloading and installing the digest mod. If you have the inclination you may be able to install it yourself. Or you can have me install it for you for a fixed fee, which is generally $40.

  1. Why do you charge to install this modification?

I charge because installing it takes quite a bit of my limited time and it is not a simple modification to install. phpBB has no ability to “wake itself up” at an exact time. To send a digest at a guaranteed requested hour, your server has to wake up periodically and send out digests. Servers running Unix or Linux typically do this with the “cron” utility. Instructions are provided in all versions, but are often daunting to those without the requisite computer skills. Those without them or who choose to spend their time in more worthwhile endeavors can choose to hire me.

  1. How much do you charge for installation?

See my price list below. All prices are in U.S. dollars. The price assumes a fairly recent version of phpBB version 3. Earlier versions may need to be upgraded before the digest software can be installed. An upgrade costs $20.

A basic installation assumes your board is using one of the default styles. For phpBB 2 this is subsilver. If you are using some other style the customizing style work is extra. Customizing a style does not include creating any images needed to match your style to show the Digests link as an image. You must supply it or allow a text link to be linked somewhere.

Digest Version Base Price Customize Style (additional) Upgrade phpBB prior to install (needed if not using a recent release of phpBB) Yearly Maintenance (optional)
  1. What support if any comes with installation?

As with all my work, for a period of 30 days from the date of installation I will answer questions or troubleshoot problems related to the digest installation.

  1. How fast can you do an installation for my site?

Ask me. I do this as a favor to the phpBB community. I have a full time job and other responsibilities that tend to come first. I try to do installations on weekends. If I have jobs queued ahead of yours I will give you an idea when it the installation will occur.

  1. How long does an installation take?

It can take up to 24 hours, but in most cases once I get started the process takes a couple of hours. The process is much simpler than it used to be because the mod is AutoMod compliant and includes UMIL integration. Typically the only hard part is programming the cron job, and even that is getting easier. Each installation is tested using the automated process to ensure it is behaving correctly.

  1. Do you offer yearly maintenance?

Yes. If a new version comes out within a 13 months of your installation date, I will install it for you. (Note: one month of maintenance comes free with installation and is priced into the 13 months.) I will also answer questions and troubleshoot digest related problems during this time. I will not troubleshoot problems which are clear to me are not related to the digest software, such as another phpBB modification you installed that is giving you problems. You can purchase another year of maintenance a year later if you want.

  1. Can I buy maintenance later?

Yes. The maintenance will be good for 12 month starting from the day of purchase. If there is a new version available when you purchase maintenance, I will install it.

  1. What do you need from me to install the software?

See What I Need From You above. A digest installation is the most complex installation I do, so I need all of this information.

  1. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

If I cannot fully install your software, I will refund your money and restore your site as it was before I modified it.

  1. Do you offer a service to call mail_digests.php hourly?

Yes, but only in exceptional cases. This can happen if your server does not allow cron jobs or scheduled tasks, your web server does not allow external requests if the external request does not identify itself as a browser, and you cannot use a site monitoring service because it has no ability to identify itself as a browser. In these cases, I can set up my server to ping mail_digests.php on your server hourly for a nominal fee. The fee is $5/month payable in advance. If I am installing digests for you there is no additional charge to set this up when needed. If you set up digests yourself but this part is not working, I will install a cron for a $20 one time setup fee. Contact me if interested.

phpBB Smartfeed Installation and Support

Smartfeed is a modification I wrote that provides RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 newsfeeds of your phpBB forums. See this phpBB topic for more details or to download, or see the interface here.

If your needs are simple, since phpBB 3.0.6 newsfeeds are supported in phpBB. Only the ATOM protocol is supported and the forum must be public. Smartfeed supports RSS and allows non-public forums to be read as a newsfeed.

At this time an approved version for phpBB 3 is available. More information is available on my Smartfeed page.

The good news is that Smartfeed is simple to install and only minimally changes phpBB. Moreover, it is AutoMOD and UMIL compliant, making installation pretty simple if you have AutoMOD installed and can use FTP. Since it operates independently of the phpBB source code, you may want to install it yourself by downloading it from the Smartfeed page.


A basic installation assumes your board is using one of the default styles. For phpBB 3 this is prosilver and subsilver2. If you are using some other style the customizing style work is extra. Customizing a style does not include creating any images needed to show the Smartfeed link as an image. You must supply it or allow a text link to be linked somewhere.

Install Smartfeed Customize style (additional) Yearly Maintenance (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does “yearly maintenance” buy?

If a new version comes out within a 13 months of your installation date, I will install it for you. (Note: one month of maintenance comes free with installation.) I will also answer questions and troubleshoot Smartfeed related problems during this time. I will not troubleshoot problems which are clear to me are not related to the Smartfeed software, such as another phpBB modification you later installed or upgraded that is giving you problems. You can purchase another year of maintenance a year later if you want.

  1. Can I buy maintenance later?

Yes. The maintenance will be good for 12 month starting from the day of purchase. If there is a new version available when you purchase maintenance, I will install it.

  1. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

In the highly unlikely event that I cannot fully install your software I will refund your money.

phpBB Installation Services

phpBB is powerful and sophisticated forum software that is free and open source. phpBB 3 is now the only approved and supported version of phpBB. It became official in December 2007. I can install either phpBB 2 or phpBB 3 for you. Since phpBB 2 is somewhat old and not well supported, phpBB 3 is recommended.

phpBB is written to run using PHP, a powerful scripting language installed by default on virtually all non-Windows hosted web servers. You may wish to see if yours does. Installing phpBB on a web host can be confusing without skills in FTP, editing files on the server and setting up a database. If you choose, I can install and configure your phpBB forum.

Before contracting with me to do the work, see if your host’s control panel has a script center. Some such as Fantastico can install phpBB for you. Such tools though are quite limited. For example, you may be stuck with the standard subSilver2 or proSilver style, and prefer something different. I can help you install styles of your choice, your set of smilies and icons, as well as any phpBB modifications you may want above the standard installation.

If you would like me to do the installation I need the following information:

  • The name of the styles or styles you want installed. Styles provide the colors, fonts and images that are used uniformly across your forum. The default style for phpBB 3 is prosilver although subsilver2 comes preinstalled and can be used “out of the box”. If selecting more than one theme, provide the default theme for your board. Styles can be selected here. Other styles exist on the site.
  • Any other avatarsrank imagessmilies etc. you want installed other than the default one. You can look at them here. There are more on the phpBB hacks site.
  • The language packs you want installed. Many are included in phpBB 3, so in some cases they only need to be enabled.
  • The phpBB mods you want installed on top of phpBB.
    • For phpBB 2, I strongly recommend installing recommended mods for spam protection with a new installation. Some like the Attachment Mod are very popular. Generally I only install official phpBB modifications, because they have gone through a rigorous peer review process.
  • The name you want for your Forum.
  • The location you want under your domain for the forum. The default is /phpBB3. If you will have only a set of forums for your domain, you may prefer to install it in your web root folder, so when someone comes to your domain they first see your phpBB board index. If you want your main domain to automatically redirect to your forum let me know.
  • See What I Need From You above. For a digest installation I need all of this information. I do not need the administrator username and password. That can be changed later, but you can provide one if you want.


phpBB Installation on your site with up to a total of three choices total of Styles, Smilies, Rank Images, etc. Add Anti spam Mods (special for phpBB 2) Add Attachment Mod (special for phpBB 2) Extra Themes, Emoticons, Rank Images etc. (extra) Install Additional phpBB Mods
$5 each
See above for general pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does an installation take?

For a simple installation, it takes generally no more than a couple hours, once I get started, and providing I have from you the correct information. It may take a day or two to get the information needed to make the install and actually install it. I prefer to do this work on the weekends. If there are lots of modifications and themes, it may take a few days. Some of the modifications are very complex to install.

  1. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

In the highly unlikely event that I cannot fully install your software I will refund your money and put your web space back to the condition I found it.

  1. Is there a warranty?

I will troubleshoot problems for a period of 30 days, should they occur.

  1. Will you maintain my site after 30 days?

No. I no longer offer maintenance services. However, I can upgrade you periodically upon request.

phpBB Rehosting Services

If you are outgrowing your web host and need a new one but you also want to move your phpBB forum intact, I may be able to help. Note that phpBB provides a help topic on how to do this, so you may want to try this yourself. phpBB also has guidance for moving your phpBB 2 board to another host. In any event it is not a trivial process. Particularly if your board is heavily modded you may want to have it done professionally. I have done this for many clients and have moved my own boards several times.

Unfortunately I cannot price the work until I understand what is involved in your particular situation. The minimum rehosting price is $50.

If you haven’t decided on a new web host yet…

Here are some guidelines that will help in the migration process. Look for a web host that can provide these capabilities:

  • A database type and version similar to the host you are leaving. For example if your current web host supports MySQL 5.5, you should prefer a new host that supports MySQL 5.5 or better.
  • The same or better version of PHP than your current web host supplies
  • A web based database control environment. For MySQL, phpMyAdmin is typically provided. If it is not provided it can usually be manually installed.

Recommendations: For low end hosting of phpBB forums, I recommend HostGator. I currently run this site on For busy or highly trafficked forums, I recommend For relatively uncomplicated database driven sites that are not too busy the Grid Service is fine. I have used the Dedicated Virtual Service for my many domains in the past when my hosting needs were more complex and I needed fine tuned server control in a virtualized environment. MediaTemple has proven to be a very reliable web host for my general needs. If you decide to use either of these hosts, please click on the advertising at the top of this page. You won’t pay any extra, and I will earn a small commission.

If your board is highly trafficked (500+ messages per day, with lots of reading) you should consider leasing your own server (dedicated hosting) or at least going with a virtual private server solution. As you may expect this can be quite expensive but at least your users are not competing with other domains for access to the same web server. Most web hosts provide dedicated hosting. One example is Rackspace.

What I need to price your rehosting

  • Do you need to move just your forum or to move your entire domain? Typically phpBB is placed in a folder on your domain. If you need your entire site moved, I may be able to do this too, but of course this increases the cost.
  • A list of phpBB mods you have installed and their versions.
  • A list of styles that you are using
  • Version of phpBB you are running. (You can get this from the Administration Control Panel, System Tab.)
  • Some idea of the size of your board. Total number of topics and posts is a good start.
  • Whether you will need additional mods installed in addition to rehosting
  • Whether you plan to upgrade from phpBB 2 to phpBB 3 as part of rehosting
  • Will any email addresses change when you move to the new web host?

What I need to actually do rehosting

See What I Need From You. Generally, I need ALL privileges to both your new and old board to rehost.

Rehosting procedures

These are generally the steps I follow to rehost.

  1. Verify that I have the accesses I need on the current and new web hosts
  2. Copy over your current phpBB software (with mods) intact and install on new host. This way if you have mods, unusual styles, etc. I don’t lose any functionality.
  3. Export your database and move it over to see if I can get it working at all on the new host in a “test” mode. Sometimes the export available in the phpBB control panel will suffice. For larger databases I usually have to go into MySQL itself and dump your database to a file, which is why I need SSH access.
  4. Create a new database on the new host.
  5. Configure the new host config.php and related files to work with the new database
  6. Verify that it looks and behave the same. I will have you verify it.
  7. When you are satisfied:
    1. Disable the current board
    2. Export the database as a final snapshot and move it into the database on the new host
    3. Have you move the domain from the old host to the new host using your registrar, if it hasn’t been done already

Once the domain switches everything should appear the same to your users. Generally it takes at least a few hours to propagate a change to the domain. It is better to assume a full day for the switchover.

As you can see this process is time consuming and somewhat cumbersome. The whole thing can easily take a couple days in a typical case.


I have installed WordPress on numerous sites, mostly for myself. While it is straightforward, even for a relative novice, if you like you can hire me to install it with your choice of theme and set up the various plug ins that you want. I can install a number of the common ones, such as reCaptcha and Google Adsense rather easily. Pricing starts at $25. Contact me for details.

Other PHP Work

While I specialize in phpBB, I am often capable of installing and troubleshooting other PHP applications. Feel free to write me and describe your project and I will be glad to tell you my comfort level with the work and if I agree to do it, an estimate. I can install many PHP applications for you. I am quite familiar with WordPress and have installed WordPress and added themes and plug-ins to it many times. Contact me for availability and pricing.

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  8 Responses to “Services”

  1. Hi Mark
    You helped us a couple of years ago when we installed the digests Mod on a forum for Thurnhamhall, thank you. I wonder if I could have some help again – I did post earlier on the support forum but have realised that I need my version of phpBB updating (currently on 3.0.8) as well as the digests updating. I suspect some of my problems might have been caused by moving servers.
    I’m really rusty at this and don’t have a huge amount of time so would rather pay you to fix it if you could please?

    I look forward to hearing from you in due course
    skype if you prefer – my username is missizippi.

  2. Pippa, I’ll send you a quote via email.

  3. Hi, we have a large forum, about 400mb in size, is this something you could help us transfer?

  4. Mark,

    I have a phpbb forum that was recently updated from 2.x to 3.0.10. The update wasn’t completely tested before making the forum available to my users & public and there are a few bugs that need to be fixed. Primarily the inability of guests to read and search the forum has me concerned.

    I’ve tried changing permissions but to no avail… A support templet is available at:

    I would like to enlist your help on this and future phpbb needs.

    Thank you,


  5. Hi
    We are experiencing huge amounts of spam on our forum
    I need someone to assist if possible as well as to update the forum to the latest version on a regular basis.
    Kindly let me know, should you be able to assist us please.

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